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Learn How to Find a Deal a Day with Rock Shukoor at BIG Online Webinar on September 25, 2018

By Chattanooga REIA on September 22, 2018
TUE, September 25th @ 7PM on Zoom Video Webinar
Beginning Investors Group ONLINE
Tues, Sept 25th @ 7PM on Zoom Webinar
7 Ways To Find
7 Great Deals In 7 Days

with Rock Shukoor

Rock ShukoorWould you like to become a marketing machine and the “go to person” in your market?

Do you want to learn how to find deals others are looking for and cannot find?

If you want to learn how to find a deal a day, then join us at the Beginning Investors Group Online with Rock Shukoor on Tuesday, September 25th at 7PM ET to learn how you can do it! Register for the BIG Online Webinar now at BIGO.co!

Do you have all the leads you can need?

If not, Rock says "Marketing has been one of my strong suites and I am very proud of the results I have produced over the years from most of my campaigns. It is time to showcase my guerrilla marketing skills and show you how to find at least one deal a day. Yes, I said, ONE DEAL A DAY. I will show you 7 ways to find 7 deals in 7 days, find all the deals you need at will. I will be sharing everything you need to know on how to find deals quickly without using any money, very little if any. If you have a phone and have access to a computer, you are in business."

"I will explain the whole process: the small but vital details, where to find deals, how to find the sellers and how to stay focused to find one deal a day."

On the webinar, Rock will share with you:

Rock has worked as an investor, consultant, mentor and coach in the field of real estate for many years. He frequently speaks at investment conferences and has been interviewed and consulted by other real estate investors and promoters. He started acquiring properties at age 28, and has become an expert in residential single-family homes. He’s a big believer of multiple streams of income and believes that marketing is the life and blood of your business.

If you NEED MORE LEADS, this is an Online Event you definitely do not want to miss! Register for the BIG Online Webinar now at BIGO.co!

Register Now!

Zoom Video WebinarTO ATTEND ONLINE: To attend the Beginning Investors Group Online via your PC, smart phone or tablet, Register for the Online Meeting on Zoom.us and you will be emailed a Webinar Confirmation Email with instructions on how to attend the event.

Once you get your Webinar Confirmation Email, you can click the "Please click this URL" link in the email about 5-10 minutes prior to the 7PM start time to reserve a spot using your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for Download Zoom for Your Computer.

You can also download the Zoom.us App here on for your mobile device.


Register for BIG Online Webinar on Zoom!

Hooking It Up! Partnering with Experienced Investors

By Alan McDonald on September 18, 2018
Alan McDonald
Thur, September 20th @ 5:30PM – Wally's Restaurant, East Ridge, TN
Hooking It Up with Partnering
with several experienced investors
on Thur, September 20th, 5:30PM at
Wally's Restaurant in East Ridge
NO Charge For ALL Attendees at this time.

BIG Chattanooga REIA LogoBill Cook told us at Chattanooga REIA recently that real estate investing is simple, but it isn't easy. What about those people on TV that fix and flip houses? They make it look like it's a piece of cake. People, please remember, TV is for entertainment and fantasy. I will take the advice of someone who has realised their goals in life through investing much quicker than someone who is on TV just to entertain me.

As a new investor, it's a scary feeling of not knowing what to do, how much to offer, how to figure repair costs, paperwork, marketing to buy then to sell. Sounds like alot? There's even more that I can't go into here for sake of brevity.

One thing that I have seen my real estate teachers do, when they want to learn something new to them, is find someone who is already doing what they wanted to do and find a way to partner up with them. You can learn much more than any course could ever teach you when you partner up with someone with experience on a deal or a problem.

Why would an experienced investor want to partner up with me?

This Thursday, September 20th at BIG Chattanooga we will have several investors in the audience that we will interview about why they partner, who they will work with, the kind of deals they are looking for, and you will have the chance to ask them questions as well. This is not a presentation, more of a discussion or brainstorm session. You will learn much more in this manner as opposed to a teacher/class type of setup. We want you to interact, get information that you can use, be inspired and leave motivated to find and solve real estate problems.

RSVP NOW on Facebook or on Meetup and join us on Thursday, September 20th at 5:30PM at Wally's Restaurant located at 6521 Ringgold Rd in East Ridge, TN. Be sure to have a delicious supper from the menu or from the buffet at Wally's Restaurant. DO NOT MISS this event!! RSVP TODAY, and We will see YOU at BIG Chattanooga!

RSVP on Facebook

Chattanooga REIA Members Please RSVP on Meetup.com

Have you been a “real estate investor” for several months or even years without doing your first deal? What is holding you back? Fear? Lack of money? Credit Problems? Lack of Focus? Are you afraid you will screw it all up?

Why make such a big deal about your first deal? Well, it’s the hardest deal you will do, but once you get through it, your belief in yourself and real estate investing will rise dramatically. You will be on your way to becoming a true real estate investor.

BIG will have experienced local and regional investors speaking and leading interactive exercises on relevant topics on a beginners level. We also have mentors attending that can take you by the hand and can walk you through that first deal. So please join us on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Arrive around 5:30PM so you can get some delicious food at Wally's in East Ridge.

About The Beginning Investors Group (BIG) Chattanooga

BIG Chattanooga LogoThe Chattanooga REIA Beginning Investors Group (BIG) hosted by Alan McDonald, is an educational and networking special interest group for new investors who are just getting started in real estate investing as well as “new again” real estate investors who’ve taken a few years off and are looking to get back in the game. BIG is hosted by Alan McDonald, who will be bringing in local and regional real estate experts to teach new investors how to survive and thrive in our ever changing economy and real estate market. The entire purpose of this group is to inspire and eduacate new investors to get their first deal and help new again investors get their next deal!

The Beginning Investors Group meets on the 3rd Thursdays of each month from 5:30 PM to 8:15 PM at Wally's Restaurant located at 6521 Ringgold Rd, East Ridge, TN just off of I-75 at Exit 1. BIG is FREE for Chattanooga REIA Members. Guests and Not-Yet-Members will eventually pay a fee, but for now, there is no charge for anyone that attends. This is a “dinner” group and we kindly request that you buy dinner and/or drinks since Wally's allows us to meet there. There will be lots of learning and lots of networking. Bring your deals and your haves, wants and needs to the meeting for discussion.

See Chattanooga REIA Events Calendar for More Events!

Secrets Of REI Success with Bill Cook & Don DeRosa at Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event Thursday, Sept. 6th

By Chattanooga REIA on September 3, 2018
Thu, September 6th @ 6:30PM in Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga REIA
September 6th, 2018 at 6:30 PM at Hilton Garden Inn, 2343 Shallowford Village Dr, Chattanooga, TN
"Secrets Of REI Success"
A Double Dose Of Successful Real Estate Investor Experts!
with Bill Cook & Don DeRosa

RSVP on Facebook or RSVP on Meetup

Chattanooga REIA Gold & Silver Members
Can Attend for NO CHARGE.
Basic & Not Yet Members Pay $15 at the Door.

Bill CookPlease stop what you’re doing, RSVP on Meetup or Facebook, then mark your calendar for the upcoming Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event on Thursday, September 6th, from 6:30PM-9PM at Hilton Garden Suites, Hamilton Place, 2343 Shallowford Village Dr, Chattanooga, TN.

Bill Cook and Don DeRosa are both successful, been-there-and-done-that investors today. Each has been investing since the mid 1990’s. They have conducted separate successful REIA’s. They share several of the same teachers that they have learned from. There is little in real estate that they have not come across. They are both national speakers and teachers. Combined, they have more than 40 years of creative deal-making experience. Both gentlemen are highly sought-after for their advice and wisdom to help other investors find their success.

Don DeRosaNow, imagine what they were like when they were little baby real estate investors. What did Bill and Don know about real estate investing, creative funding and entities? As they are going to demonstrate at the Chattanooga REIA Event, they didn’t know much about real estate then. You will find it hard to believe some of the things they did and even what they didn’t do. It will shock and surprise you!

How did Don and Bill survive the long, hard hours, the frustrations, the failures, and the difficulties? What kept them going when they hit numerous brick walls? Yes, they experienced trials, tribulations just like you. They also discovered some secret ingredients along the way to begin to experience success.

A common mistake many real estate investors make is comparing their know-how to that of someone who’s been investing for decades, someone who has done hundreds of deals and made thousands of written offers.

How did Bill and Don move from basic, bare-bone deals, to deals full of imagination, creativity and profit– deals that don’t involve institutional funding? What did they do that was game-changing? Make the decision NOW to attend our September 6th Event and find the answers you seek.

Here are more items you will learn from this One-Of-A-Kind Event:

Join us and you will learn…

Listen, there is no magic pill that will turn you into an instant real estate sage. We all learn in small, individual layers – like layers of a cake. This is one of the reasons to come to events like this one. To lean on each other and find strength, and listen to knowledge being passed on to you from the now experienced investors. Get excited and RSVP NOW!

All this is happening at the Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event from 6:30PM to 9:30PM on Thursday, September 6th at Hilton Garden Inn, Hamilton Place, 2343 Shallowford Village Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN.

Alan McDonald, will be starting the event off telling you about upcoming events with Chattanooga REIA, Membership benefits, AND an opportunity for anyone in the room to tell attendees about their properties, or let attendees know who they are and what they are looking for. Bring your flyers, and business cards for our flyer table. If you are a business looking to expand your market, you are encouraged to take a presentation table while available. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network BEFORE and AFTER the main presentation.

This is an event that you certainly DO NOT want to MISS! Members and guests can join us for dinner at the Garden Grill in hotel at 5:30 PM. SO RSVP NOW!

RSVP on Facebook

Chattanooga REIA Members Please RSVP on Meetup.com

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to become a member of Chattanooga REIA, it is as low as $99 per year. This allows you to attend this event and ALL Chattanooga REIA events at No Charge. Come to our Main event for an application or you can go to http://chattanoogareia.com and save on event fees.

Main Meeting Agenda*
5:30PM: Join Us in the Dining Room for Dinner
6:30PM: Networking & Introductions
7:00PM: Welcome, Announcements & Upcoming Events
7:15PM: Haves Wants Buy Sell or Trade
7:30PM: Feature Presentation with Bill Cook and Don DeRosa
9:30PM: Late Nite Networking in Meeting Room or at Hotel Lounge

*Please Note: Main Meeting agenda is subject to change.

See Chattanooga REIA Events Calendar for More Events!

Powerful Techniques Workshop with Bill Cook and Don DeRosa, Saturday, September 8th

By Chattanooga REIA on September 3, 2018
Saturday, September 8th from 9AM-5PM in Chattanooga, TN
The MOST Powerful Investing Techniques
A Full Day Workshop
with Bill Cook & Don DeRosa
How You Can Survive and Thrive in ANY Market Condition
Saturday, September 8th, 2018 @ 9AM
Hilton Garden Inn, 2343 Shallowford Village Dr, Chattanooga, TN

Real Estate always moves in cycles. Right now in September 2018, we are at the top of the market. At some point, what goes up MUST come down. If you only know how to Wholesale or just to Fix and Flip, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. We at Chattanooga REIA want our member investors to be prepared for the inevitable turns and not only survive but thrive in any market.

This is why we are presenting to you this special workshop with two top successful real estate investors who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk too. This Full Day workshop is split in half, giving you not just one powerful technique, but TWO of them!

Starting at 9AM on Saturday September 8th, Bill Cook will Teach You All About Options: The Safest & Cheapest Way to Control Property!

Bill CookBill will be discussing one of the best kept secrets in the real estate investing industry… Options!

When it comes to Options, most real estate investors have only heard of lease-options. Fact is, there are many types of Options. Investors are always finding new and better ways to use them because they’re a completely different kind of tool than anything else in real estate.

Options are a right, not an obligation to purchase. What on earth does this mean? When you sign a loan, it’s an obligation. When you sign a contract, it’s an obligation. But with Options, you’re paying for the right to make up your mind to purchase on some future date. With an Option, you have a risk-free or low risk choice as to whether you’ll perform or not in the future.

Most investors have no clue how to use an Option to control a property. Don’t believe me? Ask around. Options will allow you to step above your competition because you’ll be able to make more of the impossible deals possible! REGISTER ONLINE NOW!

Bill will Show You:

We break for Lunch at 12:30 for an hour then resume at 1:30 with Don DeRosa who will teach you The Do's and Dont's of Subject-To Investing.

Don DeRosaHave you heard what buying houses “Subject-To” is all about? Basically, buying “Subject-To” allows you to buy a house, pretty or ugly, by taking over (NOT assuming) the seller’s existing debt on the property, often without pulling any of your own money out of your pocket or using your credit. REGISTER ONLINE NOW!

Learn how to buy houses so…

Beginner or experienced real estate investors can immediately begin to use the techniques you learn in this class to take your real estate investing to the next level and beyond for years to come. Don will teach you six simple steps that you can repeat over and over again for an average profit of over $25,000 per property!

You Will Also Learn:

During this event, Don will give you practical tips you can use every day along with real life examples. Be prepared to be blown away by what this amazing “Subject-To” technique, coupled with today’s technology, can do for you NOW and well into the future.

Be Sure to bring your iPad, Tablet or Smartphone!

REGISTER ONLINE NOW or at Chattanooga REIA's Main Meeting on Thursday, Sept 6th and also the morning of the workshop on Saturday, Sept 8th! You can learn about these 2 very powerful Real Estate Investing techniques in one day for a very reasonable price! Chattanooga REIA Gold Members $49, Silver Members $69, Non-Members $99. Price is per person. Date and location subject to change but not likely. You can join Chattanooga REIA at chattanoogareia.com/membership to get special member discounts.

See Chattanooga REIA Events Calendar for More Events!