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What You Need To Know About The Sale Contract with Joey English at BIG this Thursday

By Chattanooga REIA on May 14, 2018
Thur, May 17th @ 5:30PM – Wally's Restaurant, East Ridge, TN
Beginning Investor Group (BIG)
What You Need To Know About The Sale Contract
with Joey English
on Thur, May 17th, 5:30PM at
Wally's Restaurant in East Ridge
NO Charge For ALL Attendees at this time.

Joey EnglishThe crux of any real estate transaction is what is called the purchase and sale agreement. What goes into this agreement? Can you make one up on the spot or do you have to use a state approved pre-made document? How about can the agreement be cancelled at any time? If you don't know all the answers to these questions and more concerning the purchase and sale agreement, then you should RSVP and join us at BIG Chattanooga this Thursday, May 17th at 5:30PM at Wally's in East Ridge located at 6571 Ringgold Rd.

Beginning Investor GroupThis month at BIG, Joey English, will be teaching new investors how to navigate the purchase and sale agreement like a pro, so this is a BIG Event you don’t want to miss!

Joey English began investing full time in 2010 along with his wife Ashley. They founded Focus Property Solutions LLC based in Calhoun, Georgia. They have had numerous real estate investing successes and follow the teachings of Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, Bill Cook and Dyches Boddiford with a number of other investor influences. Joey writes a weekly column named, "Cashflow With Joe" and this column appears in several publications throughout Georgia.

RSVP and join us at the Beginning Investors Group on Thursday, May 17th at 5:30PM at Wally's Restaurant located at 6521 Ringgold Rd in East Ridge, TN.

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Have you been a “real estate investor” for several months or even years without doing your first deal? What is holding you back? Fear? Lack of money? Credit Problems? Lack of Focus? Are you afraid you will screw it all up?

Why make such a big deal about your first deal? Well, it’s the hardest deal you will do, but once you get through it, your belief in yourself and real estate investing will rise dramatically. You will be on your way to becoming a true real estate investor.

BIG will have experienced local and regional investors speaking and leading interactive exercises on relevant topics on a beginners level. We also have mentors attending that can take you by the hand and can walk you through that first deal. So please join us on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Arrive around 5:30PM so you can get some delicious food at Wally's in East Ridge.

About The Beginning Investors Group (BIG) Chattanooga

BIG Chattanooga LogoThe Chattanooga REIA Beginning Investors Group (BIG) hosted by Alan McDonald, is an educational and networking special interest group for new investors who are just getting started in real estate investing as well as “new again” real estate investors who’ve taken a few years off and are looking to get back in the game. BIG is hosted by Alan McDonald, who will be bringing in local and regional real estate experts to teach new investors how to survive and thrive in our ever changing economy and real estate market. The entire purpose of this group is to inspire and eduacate new investors to get their first deal and help new again investors get their next deal!

The Beginning Investors Group meets on the 3rd Thursdays of each month from 5:30 PM to 8:15 PM at Wally's Restaurant located at 6521 Ringgold Rd, East Ridge, TN just off of I-75 at Exit 1. BIG is FREE for Chattanooga REIA Members. Guests and Not-Yet-Members will eventually pay a fee, but for now, there is no charge for anyone that attends. This is a “dinner” group and we kindly request that you buy dinner and/or drinks since Wally's allows us to meet there. There will be lots of learning and lots of networking. Bring your deals and your haves, wants and needs to the meeting for discussion.

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