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Learn to Earn Six Figures in Six Months Through Short Sales and Communication Skills at BIG

By Chattanooga REIA on June 4, 2020
Mon, June 15th @ 7PM – ONLINE at AREIA.us/BIG

Beginning Investors Group

Beginning Investors Group
Mon, June 15th at 7PM
How to Earn Six Figures in Six Months Through Short Sales and Communication Skills in Our Changing Market!
with Bill & Dwan Twyford

Bill & Dwan TwyfordJoin us at the Beginning Investors Group (BIG) on Monday, June 15th at 7PM ONLINE at http://AREIA.us/BIG with our special guest speakers, Bill & Dwan Twyford, who are going to teach you "How to Earn 6 Figures in Six Months Through Short Sales & Communication Skills in Our Changing Market!" This is a rare opportunity YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! Register Now!

Bill & Dwan will discuss...

Talking with Sellers Over the Phone

  • Basic and Advanced Phone Scripts for talking to Sellers
  • How to talk with Agents, Investors and Homeowners (there is a difference) when they call you or you call them
  • How to determine the Seller’s motivation
  • What questions are essential to get answered every time
  • How to prescreen leads quickly and determine deal or no deal
  • You will also be making and taking live calls from REAL Sellers!

Driving for Dollars

  • How to market yourself correctly
  • What things you must have with you at all times
  • How to research and find vacant property owners
  • How to put a follow up system in place to ensure sellers will call you

Talking with Sellers Face to Face (Door Knocking)

  • What scripts to use for practicing
  • How to ensure you get invited in the house
  • What marketing material you need to have with you
  • How to handle objections
  • What marketing to leave behind if they’re not home

If you’re looking for instructors with attitude, look no further than husband-and-wife team Dwan and Bill Twyford. They have more than 40 years’ combined real estate experience to back up their rock star swagger—and a huge love of passing on their knowledge to others.

So, if your goal is maximum income in minimum time, you’re in for a wild, inspiring, webinar with these two. They’ll share:

  • The secret to getting 78% of potential sellers to call you back
  • How to get 200 phone calls a month from distressed homeowners
  • How to make $8,500 one week from today, and $400,000 within 12 months, with a step by step process they’ll show you
  • Why short sales are an important part of your strategy—you’ll even walk through one, and see exactly how they work
  • Negotiation strategies so powerful that they literally seem like "magic words"
  • 10 ways to make money helping homeowners in distress

And to add to the fun, everyone who attends will get a free gift!

This is a great session for new investors or anyone looking to increase their cash income fast. TAKE ACTION & REGISTER NOW!

As always, Atlanta REIA, Tampa REIA, Savannah REIA & Chattanooga REIA Members can attend this Online Meeting at no charge and not-yet-members can RSVP Online for $20.

Register Now!

Dwan Twyford was a 29 year old waitress and single mom when she bought her first rehab. She made $20,000 on that deal, and never looked back. Bill Twyford quit his job as a painter to become a real estate agent and then, in 1994, a full-time investor. Dwan and Bill met at a real estate seminar in the late 90s where it was love at first sight, and now live in Colorado and Florida with their blended family of 5.

The Beginning Investors Group (BIG) is an educational and networking group for new investors who are just getting started in real estate investing as well as “new again” real estate investors who’ve taken a few years off and are looking to get back in the game.

Dustin GriffinBIG is hosted by Dustin Griffin who will be bringing in local and national real estate experts to teach new investors how to survive and thrive in our ever changing economy and real estate market.The entire purpose of the group is to help new investors get their first deal and help new again investors get their next deal.