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Mailbox Money from Mobile Homes! 10/4 Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event with Mike Hicks & Joey English

By Chattanooga REIA on October 1, 2018
Thu, October 4th @ 6:30PM in Chattanooga, TN
Chattanooga REIA
October 4th, 2018 at 6:30 PM at Hilton Garden Inn, 2343 Shallowford Village Dr, Chattanooga, TN
"How To Make Mailbox Money With Mobile Homes"
With A Double Dose Of
Mobile Home Experts!
Michael Hicks & Joey English

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Mike HicksPlease stop what you’re doing, RSVP on Meetup or Facebook, then mark your calendar for the upcoming Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event on Thursday, October 4th, from 6:30PM-9PM at Hilton Garden Suites, Hamilton Place, 2343 Shallowford Village Dr, Chattanooga, TN

Prepare to be surprised when you hear about mobile home investing. What could these homes that are still often thought of as “temporary” has to do with long-term moneymaking strategies? Quite a lot actually.

Joey EnglishOne unique thing that mobile homes do is it gives you the highest yields on your investment dollars and jam packs your mailbox with money. That’s right, by buying ugly, used trailers!

For example, if you buy a used mobile home in a mobile home park for around $3,000, do a quick clean up and fix up, then sell it for $9,000 with $500 down at 18% interest with payments of around $275 per month for around 4 years, The results of this simple deal are eye-popping! You can quickly turn $3,000 into $12,000 while getting a yield of around 100%! Try matching these results with ANY other type of real estate investing vehicle. And here’s the best part, you don’t need a lot of money and there is very little competition!

A common mistake many real estate investors make is comparing their know how to that of someone who’s been investing for decades, someone who has done hundreds of deals and made thousands of written offers.

Join us at our October monthly event if you want to see real-world examples – including pictures and paperwork – of what Mike and Joey do to earn their mailbox money and how they do it! There is no fluff… it will be all meat and potatoes! Make the decision NOW to attend our October 4th event and prepare to be schocked and amazed!

Here are more items you will learn from this special Event:

Join us and you will learn…

  • What is a Lonnie Deal and how does it work?
  • Why do Lonnie Deals?
  • How do you find the right mobile homes to buy?
  • Which mobile home deals should you avoid?
  • How to work with park owners?
  • How to find sellers?
  • How to buy a “trailer”?
  • How to sell a “mobile home”?
  • What to do if the buyer doesn’t pay you?
  • When is the best time to do Lonnie Deals?
  • Examples of real deals that Mike and Joey have done…
  • Answers to your questions and much more!

Listen, There is no magic pill that will turn you into an instant real estate sage. We all learn in small, individual layers – like layers of a cake. This is one of the reasons to come to events like this one. To lean on each other and find strength, and listen to knowledge being passed on to you from the now experienced investors. Get excited and RSVP NOW!

All this is happening at the Chattanooga REIA Main Monthly Event from 6:30PM to 9:30PM on Thursday, October 4th at Hilton Garden Inn, Hamilton Place, 2343 Shallowford Village Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN.

Alan McDonald, will be starting the event off telling you about upcoming events with Chattanooga REIA, Membership benefits, AND an opportunity for anyone in the room to tell attendees about their properties, or let attendees know who they are and what they are looking for. Bring your flyers, and business cards for our flyer table. If you are a business looking to expand your market, you are encouraged to take a presentation table while available. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network BEFORE and AFTER the main presentation.

This is an event that you certainly DO NOT want to MISS! Members and guests can join us for dinner at the Garden Grill in hotel at 5:30 PM. SO RSVP NOW!

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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to become a member of Chattanooga REIA, it is as low as $99 per year. This allows you to attend this event and ALL Chattanooga REIA events at No Charge. Come to our Main event for an application or you can go to http://chattanoogareia.com and save on event fees.

Main Meeting Agenda*
5:30PM: Join Us in the Dining Room for Dinner
6:30PM: Networking & Introductions
7:00PM: Welcome, Announcements & Upcoming Events
7:15PM: Haves Wants Buy Sell or Trade
7:30PM: Feature Presentation with Michael Hicks and Joey English
9:30PM: Late Nite Networking in Meeting Room or at Hotel Lounge

*Please Note: Main Meeting agenda is subject to change.

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