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Decipher Data On Your Phone: Demographix App Review

Posted in The Profit April 2017 by Don DeRosa

“HD doesn't mean anything to me. It's a technical thing. It's like demographics. A lot of people know about it.” ~ Craig Ferguson

When we talk about demographic data it is hard to grasp. The US Census information is available for free online, but it is hard to gain anything meaningful from that. The common person isn’t apt at reading through that information, and the way the US Government organizes those numbers isn’t easily absorbed.

Demographix is a very niche app. It is a well organized database that has used the US Census information from 2010. This is not for everyone, but working in different areas I find myself needing access to information fast. Ok Google or Siri doesn’t always answer my questions on the spot. It can take time to work out the details about the population of an area I’m trying to buy or sell a home in. Demographix is neatly organized and at a glance I can look through a clean user interface. 

The app will automatically use my current location by default. This is nice if I’m scoping out a new area on my own. If that’s not useful, if you’re researching a new area remotely, there is a search tool bar that is easily visible in the screen. I often search by zip code just because it gathers more information. It does bill itself as an app that can garnish info ‘block by block’. In my experience that isn’t always accurate.  To get a broader sense of the neighborhood look at the demographics of the zip code instead of specifically targeting the streets you are in.

I’ve noticed in more heavily dense areas like larger cities, the ‘block by block’ approach to gathering data is more accurate. It won’t work well in sparsely populated areas.

You can also long press on the map to search on a select point. If you are interested in a specific area this is helpful. Like on Google Maps if you want a street view, this enables you to see the different age range, race claimed, income brackets and other housing information for that location.

It states that it is a good app to ‘be aware’ of your environment but I believe this is best for professionals who are interested in breaking into new markets. Understanding things like the average income and age range make it easier to target new customers, price products competitively and attract interest through advertising specific to those people. It’s also great if you are browsing for a new home or moving your location for a business.

The zip code search works from .25 to a 50 mile radius, so you can look at a specific location closely or a wide diameter that encompasses a whole city and outlying suburbs. The larger the search range the longer it takes to collect that data, so be understanding that it will take longer for those types of searches. All 50 states as well as Puerto Rico are included in the app, but more rural or outlying areas may garner little statistical data.

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