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August Review: Quality Smart Lock System

Posted in The Profit August 2017 by Don DeRosa

 “Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.” ~ Mary Browne

There is none other than August that are doing Bluetooth locks to the caliber of quality like we've never experienced before. August Lock System is something that is worth it. It works best with a Schlage deadbolt or other high-end deadbolt lock. It faces the interior door, so it doesn’t add a level of security that is significant. It is a convenience for the homeowner if perhaps they aren't home and someone needs to attend to plants and pets.

The startup takes two steps to connect to a smartphone with the app pre-installed. The app does require a phone number and email. The subscription based security monitoring is worth it since the free subscription for the app is only as good as the deadbolt it is on. 

Sets like Kwikset just won’t do the job here. When tying together a smart home Bluetooth enabled device with something simple, like a lock, it needs to be a polished pairing. Not only seamlessly work with the existing lock but the aesthetic and ease of use are important.

Schlage is coming out with their own line of smart home Bluetooth enabled locks, so competition will create more features for both brands and their apps. Right now it doesn't work in tandem with a camera system, it is a straightforward locking system.

The app offers features like a personalized account where you can manage the “keychain”, where the user can handle multiple locks. This is perfect for people who are away, who have a house sitter, even rental properties and short term leases.

August also resolves the worry of being locked in or out in case of a power outage. The brand resolves this well with AA batteries to power the turning mechanism. To connect it to your phone, download the August app, turn on Bluetooth, and follow the software instructions. It works with iOS 7-plus-based devices from the iPhone 4S forward, and with any Android 4.4 or greater-based device that also has low-power Bluetooth. The only difference between the two versions is that Android is missing out on auto-unlock.

If your account is dubbed the "Owner," you can manage all of the settings and distribute e-keys to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet. It does work best with iPhones and iPads. You can't control the August Smart Lock over Wi-Fi. The owner would need to create a separate hub. Starting at $250 it's one of the most expensive smart locks available, but it is the one with the most features and best user feedback.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with Apple Devices Best
  • Different Styles to Choose From
  • Interior mounting
  • Polished look to Match Existing Hardware
  • Convenient for unattended homes
  • Makes it easy to create a presence in a vacation rental or home on the market


  • Not plugged into an existing camera brand or system
  • Expensive
  • Missing Features from Android

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