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The Solid Seven Secret: Creating Goals That Work

Posted in The Profit March 2016 by Russ Hiner

Your career in real estate is like a marriage. If you let it get boring, you’re going to make mistakes. If you don’t build it on a solid foundation, it will fall apart. In both cases, you might just lose a lot of money!

So how do you keep things new in real estate? You challenge yourself to be inspired; you stay eager to learn new things.

Do I follow my own advice? YES. Recently I took two real estate courses, and I am renewed. I am excited! These classes will help my success, and I want to share the information with you so that you can be inspired too.

In fact, in my weekly groups, I work with people like you who want to succeed. I can help you by sharing what I have learned in classes and from experience.


We hear a lot about goals, don’t we? But what does that really mean? How can we decide on a goal and make it work?

Here is a secret about goals:

You can have them,
but like a marriage, they must have a foundation
before you can achieve them.

So how do you create the foundation for your goals?

The Solid Seven Revenue Generators

I have created the Solid Seven to help you to create and stay focused on your goals. They are:

  1. Appreciation.
  2. Immediate profit.
  3. Cash flow
  4. Tax benefits.
  5. Amortization.
  6. Home Ownership.
  7. Management income.

“Of course,” you say, “I want ALL of these things,” and that is a possibility! But if you don’t have a plan that focuses on one to two of these Revenue Generators, you will have too many variables to consider when looking at a property. You will not be able to focus on your goal, and……..

You MUST have focus.

I want you to choose two of these factors to concentrate on. These are the two factors that you will weigh the most carefully when you are considering a property.

If your business model centers around one or two of these Revenue Generators, then you will know how to structure any deal correctly to meet your goals and needs. For example, in my business model, my goal is to maximize profit. For me, the two most important considerations are cash flow and immediate profit.

It is important that your Revenue Generators are up to YOU (not a comparison) because then you can keep your commitment and excitement going.

“Wow,” you’re thinking, “I’m excited, but I’m also a bit scared. I need a goal. I need Revenue Generators, but even that seems overwhelming! What do I do?”

Rather than let yourself become overwhelmed with the choices, search for that excitement that will keep you going, the excitement and inspiration that will allow your relationship with your career to keep going, and choose your generators accordingly.

As I mentioned, to stay inspired I take classes and coach others. I surround myself with people like you so that I can exchange ideas, so that I can share what I enjoy most, so that I can be inspired by your success.

If you want to reach your goals, if you want to struggle less and achieve more, then you need a coach or mentor.

I have had over 50 mentors and coaches in my life. I have 26 now! The great mentors were the individuals that listened to where I was, what my risk compliments were, and what my personality was like. The good mentors listen to what you want. I have my own two choices in the Solid Seven; you will have your own. Regardless of what yours is, I can help you to work with them without imposing on you what I want.

What do I want? I want you to be wealthy! I will listen! And I will guide you!

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your way to a successful 2016!

About Russ Hiner

Russ Hiner

Russ Hiner is an active real estate investor, coach and mentor. Russ teaches several workshops throughout the year on a variety of real estate investing topics such as Negotiations, Wholesaling 101, Wholesaling 401, Real Estate 101 and more. Russ’s current real estate business is focused on the rentals, wholesale real estate transactions, lease options, notes and deeds, loaning private money, commercial and note buying.

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