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Become A Published Best Selling Author And Be Seen In The Major Media Within 90 Days

Posted in The Profit May 2015 by TC Bradley

T.C. BradleyI first went online in 2003 and my first website sold over a million dollars of product. At one time, we were one of the most top ranked websites in the world. We actually had more traffic going to our website than Oprah had going to her website. (For you internet geeks out there, our Alexa ranking was a hair under 10,000 at the time)

Marketing has changed dramatically since those days. It is no longer good enough to be "found on Google." Your competitors are there too. Today, more than ever, people have a choice of who they choose to do business with and they want to do business with the LEADER or Authority in their field.

If you have a serious legal issue, you want the BEST Attorney that money can buy. If you are selling your home, you do not want just anybody selling your home.

The Million Dollar question is this:

If I were to visit your website or social media pages, how obvious would it be that YOU are the Number 1 choice?

"...if you aren't deliberately, systematically, methodically, or rapidly and dramatically establishing yourself as a celebrity.... you're asleep at the wheel..." ~ World Famous Marketer, Dan Kennedy

Clients do have a choice today and they want to do business with the LEADER! Is your branding and messaging congruent with letting folks know you are the LEADER that they are looking for...the obvious choice? If not, then you are losing out on market share each day. Is a Pizza delivery sign on top of a car congruent with someone that I want selling my home? How about this...if I visit your LinkedIn profile and you are proclaiming yourself to be a LEADER yet you have less than 500 connections and no recommendations...is that congruent with a LEADER or an Authority? Or how about this one. Your business email address is a yahoo or Gmail address instead of yourname@yourname.com. Your messages on your social media profiles and websites must be congruent with what you are putting out.

People know within 10 seconds of visiting your website or social media profile whether or not you’re authentic or full of crap. Adopt a spirit of excellence in what you do, especially with your website and social media profiles. Tap into this new economy where the LEADERS are chased down by buyers that are pre-sold before they even speak with you! Be congruent in your messaging. It matters!

I am a National Media Expert, and can share with you how I help my clients explode their profits by positioning them as the LEADER in their fields by getting them seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other authority media websites. The marketing rules today have changed. People want to do business with the LEADER, it is no longer good enough to be found on Google because your competitors are there too. I can show you how YOU can become a Best Selling Author and why you should at the very least become a published author.

Just in the month of March 2015, I created (15) #1 Best Selling Authors topping such greats as Stephen Covey, Jack Welch and Tony Robbins. My next book “Instant Celebrity Status!” is due out later in April and my prediction for the new release is this. My expectations are simple. I fully expect this book to become a Best Seller and one of the TOP business books released in 2015 and based on my track record, I would not bet against it. I also have media placement opportunities available with prestigious media outlets such as Forbes.com, Inc., CNN, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, and others.

I have cracked the media code. What used to take years can be done within 90 days now. My media clients NEVER compete on price and always charge premium pricing for their services...people today want to do business with the LEADER and EXPERT AUTHORITY and that is what I deliver.

Come out and join me at the Atlanta REIA on Monday, May 4th where I will share with you my strategies on how to gain “Instant Celebrity Status” and become the authority in your field that your clients will trust and that will give you the ability to dominate your market!

About TC Bradley

TC Bradley

Cape Coral Resident TC Bradley is a Number 1 Best Selling Author and has been online since 2003 when he launched his first website that sold over a million dollars online. TC is Founder and President of InstantCelebrityStatus.com. He is respected worldwide for his marketing insights and his “cut to the chase” style of doing business. Both his online and offline reputation is impeccable in this his 12th year online.

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