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Are You Getting the Best Deal On Every House You Buy or Are You Settling For Less?

Posted in The Profit May 2016 by Larry Harbolt

This is a question I constantly ask my students about every offer they are thinking about making to purchase any property, and I also ask myself this question before making an offer to purchase on every deal I do. It’s a wonderful thing when you put together a profitable deal but why not take a minute before submitting your offer to a flexible seller and ask yourself, “is there any way I can make this deal better”? If you are paying cash for the property I don’t know of any way you could make the deal better unless you offered more CASH to the seller. I truly believe that would be a huge mistake. It would be a huge mistake because it would in most cases only benefit the seller and not you.

Always Ask Yourself, How Can I Make My Offer Better For Me And The Seller Before Submitting Your Offer to Purchase Any Property?

The question is how can you make a better deal for you? If you are paying all cash, good luck. If you are getting seller financing terms there are many different things you could ask the seller for that could make the deal better for you as well as for them. Here are Six creative suggestions you might offer a flexible seller. Especially to those flexible sellers who want a certain price, monthly payment or interest rate.

Let’s start with…

  • You could offer the seller a payment they would be happy with by slightly increasing the purchase price to the seller if they will allow you to pay a lower interest rate and get a longer payback period. This strategy could work when a seller has a specific number in mind they want, or need to receive every month.
  • You could offer the seller a price they are happy with if they would be willing to lower the monthly payment if you agreed to increase the interest rate to get the desired payment amount you desire.
  • You might offer the seller interest only payments for a period of time. This would keep your monthly payment lower for that period of time. After the agreed interest only payment period, then convert to long term seller financing terms.
  • You could offer the seller a monthly payment amount they were happy with if they will allow you to, make a small down payment, raise the interest rate and get a longer payback period of time.
  • You might offer the seller a monthly payment they would be happy with if you would be willing to increase the purchase price, lower the interest rate and get a longer payback period of time.
  • Another thing you might suggest to a motivated seller who has a property that needs repair work done to it is suggest you doing the repair work they failed to do and use the cost of the rehab as your down payment and possibly some additional equity. Why would you pay the seller for the property, give them a down payment and then have to fix the property out of your pocket? Anytime you can eliminate repair costs or a down payment by offering to exchange your labor for equity in the property you are buying is always a good idea.

I have just shown you six ways the seasoned investors I know maximize the profits they make on the deals they do. There are many, many more ideas you can ask for but I will have those in future articles.

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Until next month, Happy Investing and Good Luck!


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Larry Harbolt

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