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COVID-19 Market Update Webinar - Making the Best of a Bad Situation

By Chattanooga REIA on April 14, 2020
Thurs, April 16th @ 7:30M Online Webinar

COVID-19 Market Update

COVID-19 Market Update Webinar
Thurs, April 16th at 7:30PM

Please Register at AREIA.us/BEST and join us on Thursday, April 16th @ 7:30PM for this special townhall style panel discussion on the State of the Market During COVID-19 and beyond. We wil be talking about how to make the best of a bad situation if the economy continues to decline for many more months.

Our Panel will consist of Alan Conner of NovaPoint Capital, Amy Ransdell of Powerhoue Real Estate, Todd Burkhalter of Drive Planning, Roger Herring the Investors Accountant, Kenneth Igwe of Baker Collins and David Bradford of Drive Planning. Dustin Griffin will be your moderator.

Our panel will bring wisdom and insight from multiple disciplines to help explain what is happening in the current and post COVID-19 economy and how people and business owners can find ways to survive and even thrive in this challenging time.

As the conversation of the economy bouncing back like a "V" shape is now being replaced by a more realistic appraisal, it is clear that people need to understand how to adapt their playbook to a new game that will take them through not a few weeks but months and months of instability.

What will an extended decline of the economy mean for real estate investors in terms of lending practices and getting access to money? How will the real estate market respond if the economy continues in decline for months to come? What tools and leverage is available from the government and from business law that can allow your business and real estate investments to weather a prolonged storm?

This panel seeks to be a town hall environment where you will learn how to plan for the worst -- for a prolonged declined economy, take advantage of the economic stimulus legislation while still hoping for the best.

Finally we will hear on how to create a bulletproof strategy for wealth building that will make you immune to such a challenging time should it ever happen again.

Join us to learn...

  • How could people have been better prepared to weather this storm financially?
  • What does this crisis teach us about diversification and asset protection?
  • What are the big assists that the stimulus legislation offer business owners and real estate investors?
  • How can the stimulus create unforseen opportunities for businesses?
  • What can you do to position yourself for the opportunities that will be there when the pandemic is resolved?
  • If Wall Street was strong, how did it crash so aburptly?
  • Is now the time to be buying or selling?

You haven't been given a full picture of how to survive a prolonged economic crash. Do not be uninformed. What you learn here can be the difference between surviving and thriving or being crushed by the crash. Register Now to Join Us!

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