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BIG Replay: Buying Houses for Pennies on the Dollar at Tax Sales with Tom DiAgostio

with Dustin Griffin & Tom DiAgostino on March 19, 2018

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Part 1 of the Beginning Investors Group on March 19, 2018 will be “Auction 101” with Sherrie Aldrich of Auction.com and Part 2 will be all about “Buying Houses for Pennies on the Dollar with Tax Sales” with Tom DiAgostino!

During Part 1 of the BIG Event, you will get valuable insights from Sherrie Aldrich and experts at Auction.com who will educate you on the ins-and-outs of buying foreclosure and bank-owned properties with success.

During Sherrie’s presentation, you will learn:

  • How to find foreclosure and bank-owned properties through Auction 101
  • Tips on everything from due diligence information to investment strategies
  • Information on Auction.com services and programs
  • Answers to your questions and more!

Join us for the Part 1 of the BIG Event and learn to start building your real estate portfolio now with Auctions!

In Part 2 of the BIG Event, Tom DiAgostiono will be teaching you what you need to know about Tax Sales, Tax Deeds and Tax Liens and “How to Buy Property for as Little as 10 Cents on the Dollar with Tax Sales”, a real estate niche that most investors know little to nothing about.

During Tom’s presentation, you will learn…

  • Why Tax Sales the best real estate investment vehicle available
  • Tax Sales vs other types of real estate investing strategies and their challenges
  • How to make easy 18-36% returns without owning real estate, but enjoying its security
  • Where to tap into the most motivated sellers on the planet with the least amount of competition
  • Examine case studies of real life Tax Sale deals we’ve completed and made thousands of dollars with and how you can too
  • Discover Tax Sale strategies we use every day to close deals fast and make unbelievable profits
  • Learn about tools you can use to easily navigate the tens of thousands of tax liens/deeds available nationwide and find the ones that are perfect for you
  • How to do it ALL within your IRA
  • How we make our staff available to DO IT FOR YOU if you want
  • Answers to your questions and much more!

Regardless of your level of experience, you can earn unbelievable interest, or find unbelievable deals to wholesale, flip, or partner on. Anyone can do this! Tom does deals at 10-30% of the after repaired value!

RSVP for the Monthly BIG Meeting at http://bigticket.atlantareia.com

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